Sunday, January 13, 2013


Legend has it that late last night, a brave group embarked on an epic adventure to change their fate.  At the Queen's request, they had accepted the invitation to celebrate the birthday of the beautiful princess.

After the castle was decorated and a feast prepared, the eager princess awaited each guest's arrival.  As darkness fell on the grounds of the Scottish castle, the will o' the wisps led the way to the castle door, lest the guests lose their way.

A wild group of princesses they were!  All brave and strong.  They donned their crowns and wore their clan tartans with pride!

Once all of the guests had arrived, the adventure began.  The will o' the wisps led them on a journey high and low in search of their destiny, leaving clues for them along the path.

The last clue read, "In the dark forests of Scotland lurks danger and magic.  You must take up a bow to defend your friends from the danger hiding behind the castle.  It is your destiny!"  So the brave princesses armed themselves with bow and arrow and ran to the backyard to fight the demon bear Mor'du.

After successfully defeating Mor'du, they promptly celebrated with cake and feasting!  

Such adventure is tiring for even the bravest girl, so they all changed into their pajamas and snuggled in close to watch Brave Merida change her fate and discovery her own destiny.

But this legend is more than a story.  "All legends are lessons.  They ring with truth."*  This tale is no different.  The truth is that these girls are brave and strong, wild and free.  And they "will shoot for their own hand."*  Their destiny is theirs to discover.  (With the help of a little magic along the way, of course.)

*quotes from Disney-Pixar's Brave

pattern for bow and arrow: Skip to My Lou
Brave printables: Disney

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  1. Your birthday parties always amaze me! And YOU are brave having that many little girls for a sleepover!